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A successful weekend at Art in the Park

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Alvarium are proud to be the principal partnership for Art in the Park; over the weekend artists and art-buyers were brought together for an inspiring event that celebrated New Zealand art.

From 7-10 September Eden Park was changed from a rugby haven to a uniquely curated art show, that celebrated artists from across the country, allowing the artists to sell and promote their work to the public and giving art-lovers the opportunity to see a huge range of curated artwork from all over New Zealand.

The event attracts around 12,000 art lovers annually, this year it involved 120 artists, 93 sculptures and more than 3000 artworks with price tags that ranged from $40 to $140,000.

Alvarium Director Andrew Williams with artist Anna Gibbs

A huge congratulations to Anna Gibbs, winner of the Premium Artist Award 2023. This award was presented to Anna by Andrew Williams, Director and co-owner of Alvarium at the opening night. Over the three subsequent days Anna sold out of all her work.

“I make Art to connect with people and the response has been incredible. Art in the Park has helped my career take off and I feel so unbelievably lucky. Winning this award means a lot to me and it was an honour to get to meet NZ Deputy Prime Minister. Thank you to everyone that follows my work.” Anna Gibbs, Artist

Anna studied at Oxford University where her interest in philosophy and aesthetics led her to explore Kant’s concept of the judgement of taste; the idea that art generates an intuitive emotional response with art that we love. Anna’s style combines gilding 24ct gold leaf and using the same oil glazing techniques favoured by Dutch master’s to create a contemporary take on realism.

Her current work focuses on raising awareness for the conservation of New Zealand’s Native and Endemic bird populations. Her pieces have a jewel like aesthetic that asks us to question where value really lies in the modern world. Her large painting of Kakapo birds shines a spotlight on this severely endangered species, with only 147 birds alive today. Anna has donated $3000 from the sale of the piece to the Kakapo Recovery Project.

The events charity partner is The Prince’s Trust, Aotearoa, whose mission is to support young people achieve their dreams, which includes the next generation of young New Zealand artists. This year 10 Prince’s Trust artists were represented at Art in the Park and their featured young artist of the year Hayley Elliott-Kernot also sold out before the event was finished.

“This was a huge boost to Hayley, it has grown her confidence as an artist and it has provided some security for her growing family from Taranaki. She managed to do all this incredible work with a two-month-old baby and we are incredibly proud of her” says Rod Baxter, CEO of The Prince’s Trust.

Deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni with Hayley Elliott-Kernot and her baby Donato

Hayley is also an illustrator and author of children’s books. The young entrepreneur was funded from He Kākano, a $2 million seed fund for 17–30 year-olds, to support her writing and artistic work. Incredibly talented, she was commissioned to create a piece of art for The Prince’s Trust Global Gala in New York. A limited edition run of the artwork has been produced in New York - the original painting has also sold.

“I am so grateful to The Prince's Trust Aotearoa New Zealand for nominating me to exhibit at Art In The Park NZ. I sold out on Saturday which was very exciting and I had the most amazing time attending….I admit that there were some difficult moments as during the final weeks I was painting some thirteen-hour days, but we got there in the end, and it was so worth it….there were lots of visitors, and lots of visitors who liked he was very happy. A huge thank you from me to The Prince's Trust Aotearoa New Zealand, Art In The Park NZ and my wonderful family for all their support!” Hayley Elliot-Kernot

Eight other young Prince’s Trust artists showcased their work as a collective for the second year in a row. This allowed them to implement and improve upon ideas from last year, mentor each other and connect with other artists.

The Prince's Trust Collective at Art in the Park

In October The Prince’s Trust is running a free workshop for 17-30 year-olds who would like to learn some business fundamentals as an artist and potentially exhibit at Art in the Park in the future.

Andrew Williams is the founding Trustee and Chairperson of The Trust in New Zealand. Alvarium provides support for the Trust, and its Enterprise Programme through mentoring, connections and networking opportunities, and hosting alumni events. The Trust’s team is a key part of the Alvarium whānau on the 37th floor.

“The Prince's Trust is grateful for the eco system that Alvarium has created surrounding emerging artists. The power of us coming together, both in the office and in the community, has a huge impact on us as charities. Rod Baxter, CEO

To see more about the show, take a look at 1News or Art in the Park on Instagram